How to Comment

We Welcome Comments to Our Blog. 


Comments are a great way to acknowledge the work of another person, but they can do more than just this.

By adding comments we can begin or continue a conversation about a topic and extend the depth of our learning.


* Read the whole post first.

*  Be positive, encouraging and respect other people’s opinions.

* Write meaningful comments about the topic, rather than just saying “Awesome”.

* Always write full words and sentences – no ‘text talk’ please.

* Use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

* Proof-read your comment before you hit ‘send’.

* Add a question when you want to continue the conversation.

* Write your first name only.

* Parents  – please protect the identity of your child. For example – Jenny M, or Bob’s mum.

* Protect your privacy – don’t give out any personal information about yourself, your family or your friends.



1. Click on the TITLE of the post.

2. Scroll down to the ‘Leave a Reply’ box.

3. Enter your first name. eg. John, John R, or John’s dad

4. Enter your email address (this is not published). [You can skip this step if you wish]

5. Write the ‘anti-spam’ word.

6. Write your comment.

7. Re-read and check your spelling and punctuation.

8. Click ‘Submit Comment’. (Before submitting, it is a good idea to COPY your comment just in case something goes wrong – Ctrl C or Right Click Copy.)

9. Your comment WILL NOT appear straight away on the blog. It will need to be approved by Mrs Niewman first.



I was interested in your . . .

I really enjoyed reading about . . .

I can relate to this because . . .

I was wondering how you  . . .

Your ideas made me think about . . .

I liked the way you . . .

 *      *      *      *      *      *     

(This page was adapted from a page on Clairvaux Connects of which I was the author.)





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