STEAMD Logo Competition

Do YOU want to win a 3D pen?


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Well the latest is STEAMD.

STEAMD stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics & Design.

Yes it’s a mouthful if you have to say all that each time. That’s why we use the acronym STEAMD.

But we need a new design for STEAMD and you can win a 3D pen just for using your creativity!

Watch the video below to see how it works.

Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day to all our Dads!
On Thursday another fabulous Father’s Day Stall at was held at St Robert’s. A huge thank you to our many Mother’s who helped with everything. We hope all our Dads have a wonderful day and enjoy the small gift your child chose for you at the stall (and the hugs that go with it).
Here are our two Foundation classes visiting the Father’s Day Stall – they were very, very excited!


Foundation LM


Foundation CH

Year 4 iPad Information Sessions

FullSizeRender (7)

iPad Information Sessions 
The first session was run by the students of Year 4 this afternoon. The children gave parents a great insight into the way they use their iPads in the classroom and parents were also able to ask lots of questions of both the students and the teachers in the room.
There will be 3 more sessions this week – Tues 9.10am, Thurs 2.15pm and Friday 9.10am.


Book Week


It’s Book Week!
Teachers and students have been busy reading and enjoying the short-listed books for 2016, and if you’re walking around the school make sure you check out all the fantastic class displays.
The winners of the Books of the Year have been announced by the CBCA but I bet each class had their own favourite. A reminder also to parents and children that one of the highlights of the year – our fabulous Book Parade – will be held on Friday 26th August.

Which was your Favourite Book?

early childhood2

picture book 2

Younger readers2


Exploring Coding with QR Code Cubes

FullSizeRender (2)After completing some great programming work on Kodable, Year 3 & 4 students have turned their attention to finding out more about different coding programs.


First, we scanned a range of QR codes on our cubes to watch introductory tutorials on coding apps such as Scratch Junior, Daisy the Dinosaur, Bee-Bots, Run Marco, and Lightbot.


Then we selected a new program and applied our coding knowledge to try it out. I wonder what we will explore next?

Earn Digital Badges

Digital Badge Coding (2)aOur students are working hard to earn Digital Badges as rewards. Here is a digital badge awarded to 12 Grade 5/6 students for demonstrating some great learning in Coding.

Well done to Bridget, Abby D, Seamus, Thomas A, Aydan, Sansa, Finn, Abby C, Flynn, Harry, Tadgh and Allegra.

Fast Cars in Schools Project

coollogo_com-188123809During the last two days, our four Year 5/6 classes have visited Deakin University to ‘fine-tune’ some aspects of their ‘Fast Cars in Schools Projects’. We moved through three rotations – Physics Lab where students tried some aerodynamics and friction experiments; Bio Lab where we tested our own cars’ reaction times with iPads; and the Test Track where we trialled our fast cars and learned where we needed to make modifications.

A highlight of our visit was the High Voltage Lab  Room where we experienced an amazing version of the Star Wars soundtrack synchronised with flashes of lightning.