Grade 2 Students Tell Jokes in Class

Well here they are finally!

Grade 2 children have completed their animated jokes and we have posted them for you to enjoy.

just joking

Here are some of the skills we learned.

*  How to to find and save animations.
*  How to insert animations into a PowerPoint slideshow.
*  How to add call-outs and insert text into them.
*  How to add backgrounds or clip art.

We had great fun learning how to create our pictures.

Enjoy our ‘Animated Jokes’ movies created by 2KT and 2LO during ICT classes.





You can see this work and more by Grade 2 classes on the links below.

Grade 2KT      Grade 2LO     

(Thank you to ‘Heather’s Animations’ for providing the animations for our jokes.)

Just Joking!

free glitter text and family website at

This week our Year 2 students have been discovering how to add a bit more fun to their jokes.

After deciding on their joke, the children added them to speech bubbles on a PowerPoint.

Finally they selected a suitable animation from Heather’s Animations to add to their slide.

Coming soon . . .  more animated jokes on these links . . .

Grade 2 KT                              Grade 2 LO