What can you do with a Picture?


What can you do with a picture?

There are many tools on your own computer that you may never have discovered or known how to use. 

Students were amazed to find so many tools hidden away in the Word and PowerPoint Toolbars, and quickly began learning the skills and experimenting with them to create a range of fantastic artistic effects.

Check out some examples of the amazing effects Grade 6DB have come up with using a range of Microsoft Tools.

Why don’t you try it for yourself!

It’s easy! 

1. Open up a Word Document or a PowerPoint slide

 2. Select and insert an image (Check usage rights if obtained from the web)

3. Begin experimenting with all the Microsoft Picture Tools and soon you’ll be creating some amazing art work too.

Would you like to see more?

Click on the following links or go to the 2014 Class page and you will be able to see what children from Grade 3 – 6 have created.

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