Congratulations and Good Luck to our 2014 Year 6 Students

Congratulations to all of our 2014  Year 6 students who were a wonderful group of young leaders in our school. We are very proud of all their efforts and achievements. We wish them all the best for a successful future as they begin the next exciting stage of their lives at their chosen secondary schools.


Year 6 students 2014

It is a tradition at St Robert’s school to give a number of awards to Year 6 students who display exceptional leadership, skills, effort and assistance to others in certain areas.

Congratulations to the following students who received the following awards:


James – Indonesian, Isabelle – Religion, Matilda – Buddy Award, Nicholas – Music, Tanner – Phys Ed, Eric – ICT, Hilary – Library, Adele – Knights of the Southern Cross, Tayla – Grade 6 Award

Specialist Awards


Congratulations to the Year 6 students who worked hard all year with great commitment and enthusiasm in their Specialist subjects. They were an absolute delight to teach.


The Specialist Awards this year were presented on the last day of school to the following students.


Connor (Music), Jackson (ICT), Sophie (Library), Jordan (Phys Ed), Jemma (Indonesian)

Jackson (ICT Award) shows the company business card he made

Jackson (ICT Award) shows the company business card he made

Jackson brought a lot of great ideas to ICT which he shared readily with his classmates. He took calculated risks and worked keenly on all projects. In his areas of special interest, animation and movie making, Jackson developed and followed his own learning plan to write, direct, film, edit and produce his own movie. (with help from a couple of great actors)

Congratulations Jackson! Your great attitude, enthusiasm and hard work is much appreciated.

Jack made this film using a collaboration of iMovie, Anime Studio Pro 9 and movie maker.

The Portal by Jack