Bullying Prevention Month


Bullying can happen to anyone. It might happen in person to you, or your friend or even someone online. People being bullied often feel powerless, alone and afraid of what the bully might do next.

A bully means to be hurtful and targets a person by name calling, embarrassing, threatening, intimidating or physically hurting their victim on more than one occasion.

Cyberbullying is the use of technology to bully an individual or a group with the intent to cause harm.

YOU CAN HELP by being a good friend and supporting anyone who is being bullied.


Link – http://web1.uisd.net/october-is-national-bullying-prevention-month-7354



No Bullying Here!


We have been learning how to recognise bullying and how to stand up to bullies.

The 3 types of BULLYING we talked about were:




We brainstormed our ideas about what we knew about BULLYING and created word clouds called Wordles and Tagxedos.

Here is a sample by Grade 3JS.

To see work by the following classes click on the links below.

Grade 3KH   Grade 3JS   Grade 4MM   Grade 4MA

The Story behind the Song

bars and melody

This was the Golden Buzzer Act on Britain’s Got Talent.

But behind the stage and bright lights of television, there is another story.

Listen to the words carefully and you will hear it.

Did you listen to the words? 

How did you feel after watching the video?

Make a comment on the blog.

Write down some thoughts and feelings or even questions that you have after watching the video.