Just Joking


People love to tell jokes. It makes us smile and feel happy. Year 2KT and 2CC students recently combined joke telling with  comic strips (Make Beliefs Comix) to get their message across.

We hope you enjoy them.

NOTE: Click on the images below to enlarge, and scroll down the page to read each comic.

Grade 2KT

2kt padlet

Grade 2CC

2cc padlet

Cybersafety – Get the Message!

Do you know how to stay safe on the internet?

Here are some great ideas shared by 3JS, 3KH, 2LO and 2KT on

Make Beliefs Comix.

(You can read them better if you press the full screen button)

Grade 3JS

 To see the full 26 slides click HERE

Grade 3KH

 To see the full 26 slides click HERE

Grade 2LO

To see the full 27 slides click HERE 

Grade 2KT

To see the full 27 slides click HERE

Leave  a comment to tell us a cyber-safety message of your own.

A ‘Comic’ Response to Capacity

Grade 2KT have been learning about 

To reflect on their understanding of what CAPACITY means they were asked to record their responses using Make Beliefs Comix.

Here are two great examples.


Click on the links below to see slideshows of comics with some great Cybersafety messages.

Grade 2KT   Grade 2LO   Grade 3JS   Grade 3KH