Digital Art

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During Term 4, the Prep (Foundation) children experimented with a variety of DIGITAL ART websites. They learned to use many new tools and created some wonderful pieces of art which they practised saving into their folders.

The children wanted to show their parents their great work. But how?

Problem: There were quite a lot of images in each child’s folder but printing coloured images is expensive.

Solution: Create an online slideshow and use the URL to create a QR code which can be scanned and then watched at home by the parents.

How did we do this?

1. Each child created a powerpoint presentation with their slides.

2. Save as a pdf

3. Upload to Snack Tools/Slidesnack

4. Use the URL to create a QR Code on QR Stuff

5. Children create a Christmas card and paste or print the QR code inside it

6. Include instructions for parents to download a QR Code scanner app and explain how to use it.

Below is a copy of the Instruction card

(Flip the pages on the top corners)

After scanning the QR Code, this is an example of what the parents saw.

Wil’s Digital Art

Lily’s Digital Art

Follow the links below to see more examples

Chris’ Digital Art

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Cate’s Digital Art

Paris’ Digital Art

Isabelle’s Digital Art

Zara’s Digital Art

Follow the links below to see work from the whole class

Foundation JP                               Foundation CC

What types of Art do you enjoy?

Did you see any Digital Art ideas that you would like to try?