Glogster is a a website where you can create your own interactive digital posters. You can include all sorts of media such as images, clip art, videos, audio, text and links to make your poster much more exciting than a cardboard poster.

All Grade 4 children joined a class account and researched and created a Glog about an animal of their choice. The Glogster tools were quite different to anything they had tried before, so a lot of experimentation and learning took place.

There were some restrictions – images and clip art had to be original or sourced from a copyright free website, and information had to be written in their own words. The Glog had to also contain a video and a link to a website to find out more information about the animal. Of course appearance was also important, so there was lots to remember.

When all the Glogs were completed, the children enjoyed visiting their friends’ Glogs and giving feedback to each other. 🙂

Here are a few samples of our Glogs. Just click on each picture and wait for the Glog to load.

eastern water dragon connor

Eastern Water Dragon by Connor

milla elephants

Elephants by Milla

budgies heather

Budgies by Heather

millie platypus

Platypus by Millie

 You can see all the Glogs if you follow the Class links below.

Grade 4MA                   Grade 4MM

What type of project would you like to use Glogster for?

What features of Glogster would you find useful?