How to Email the Safe Way

Sending and receiving emails can be a quick and easy way to communicate. Even people who live in countries thousands of kilometres away can receive your message in seconds.

However there are some guidelines we should follow  – both for being polite and for keeping ourselves safe online.

This week’s ICT task for Grade 5 and 6 students is to:

  1. Share what they know about  EMAILS. Click here to look at                                      Parts of an Email.
  2. Watch the video below. 
  3. Write a list of helpful rules for safe and courteous emailing. 
  4. Email their list of rules to Mrs N.  (Poor Mrs N!)

Watch the short video below and see if you can think of some good rules too.

Emailing the Safe Way by Mrs N on GoAnimate

Did you think of any good rules for safe and courteous emailing?

Leave your ideas in the Comments box.

Do you know how to stay safe on the Internet?


Using the INTERNET is fun and you can learn lots of things but . . . how safe is it?

We watched these videos from Planet Nutshell which showed us some rules for keeping safe while learning and having fun on the internet.

 We learned that there is some information we call Personal Information.  Personal information can help us communicate with others, but we have to be careful with that information when on the computer. 

Things like your surname, phone number, address and passwords or email addresses should never be shared on the internet. 

*Only use your email address with your parents’ or teacher’s permission if you intend to sign up to a game or website.