Happy Mother’s Day

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 It’s a very special  day on Sunday because we celebrate Mother’s Day.

Don’t forget to give your Mum an extra big hug and thank her for all the love she gives you and all the things she does for you.

Grade 1 children made some lovely collages to wish their mums a happy day.



Of course Kid President has advice for everyone .  .  .  even his mum.

‘An Open Letter to Moms from Kid President’

What have you got planned for your mum on Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day


To all our Mums, Grandmas and carers, we wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day.

We recognise how important you are in our lives and thank you for all the love and support you give us.

We hope you have a very special day on Sunday May 11th.

During the week several Grade 2 children made a special lunchtime visit to the ICT room to create stories for their mothers. We hope you enjoy them.

By Charlotte 2LO

By Millie 2KT

By Georgia 2KT

By Lucy 2KT

By Eliza 2KT

‘Happy Mother’s Day’ from Foundation CC and JP

Here are our pictures we made in ICT for our mums.

We typed our sentences by ourselves then printed our pictures and coloured them in.

We hope you like them.

(Hint: The movie will play better if you allow it to play through once first)

By Foundation CC

By Foundation JP

You can also view these slideshows on the Classes Page link  Foundation CC and Foundation JP