1,2,3,4 . . . . Connect Fours


annabelle's game

 Everyone loves playing games, but when you can make your own games for everyone to play, it’s even more fun.

Grade 3 and 4 students created some great Connect Fours games. Just click on one of the class images below to play their games.


1. Simply click 4 connecting words to make a row.

2. Complete all the rows for 4 points,

3. Then collect bonus points for correctly guessing the CATEGORY for each row.

4. Try it yourself . . .it’s EASY and FUN!

 CONNECT FOURS      Click on each image below to play class games.

3nf       3kh

4mm       4ma

Creating Padlets


This term Year 3 children have been working with an online web tool called ‘Padlet‘.

A Padlet is an online noticeboard that you can create to display information on any topic. You can brainstorm ideas, add images, weblinks, videos, audio and text.

For our Padlet projects, each student chose a topic to explore and then collected a variety of resources to add to their wall, such as pictures, videos, websites, quotes and other information.

It wasn’t just a matter of gathering resources – students needed to research and select material that was interesting, informative and contained appropriate content for the age level of their class.

Then we created a Class Padlet to display all our individual Padlets.

  1. If you click on the Padlet images below you will be able to interact with the great ideas each student presented.
  2. Next, to see each individual student’s work you will need to click on their blue URL (web address). 


3kh padlets


3kh padlet

Can you think of another way to use Padlet in the classroom?

Creating an Online Identity


An AVATAR is an image which you can use to represent yourself online instead of using your photo. Often these characters are cartoon-like and have similar characteristics to the real person.  This becomes your online identity.

The Grade 3 and 4 students created their own avatars and uploaded them to Padlet.

Can you guess who made these avatars?

You can see all the children’s avatars on the following links.

Grade 3JS avatars       Grade 3KH avatars

Grade 4MA avatars    Grade 4MM avatars

If you want to make your own avatar, go to the Web Tools page on this blog and look for the Avatar links.

avatar mrsn

Do you know who this avatar represents?