Keep on Trying

In a recent post we talked about how mistakes can help you learn.

This post is dedicated to anyone who is struggling to learn something and finding it a bit hard to get there.

Sometimes when we learn, we are successful and we feel great! 🙂

Sometimes it takes a long time and a lot of practice to learn something and you might feel like giving up. (Do you remember how long it took you to learn to tie your shoe laces?)    🙁

BUT when we are feeling like it’s all getting a bit too hard, that’s when we need PERSEVERANCE to keep on trying until we find a solution to the problem.

Watch how Ormie the pig never gives up .   .   .  

 but tries and tries LOTS of ideas to reach the cookie jar on top of the fridge.

So go ahead . . . . give it a go!

If things don’t work out for you straight away, try looking for other solutions to help you achieve your goals

.  .  .  just like Ormie the Pig!

 Have YOU ever had an ‘Ormie’ experience?

Leave a comment to tell us about it.

Want to watch it on your own device? Just scan the Ormie QR code on the fridge.