Show Off Day


Be proud to show off your learning! 

Grade One children celebrated learning how to make great Powerpoint Presentations by ‘showing off’ the skills they had learned to their classmates.

The focus of ‘Show Off’ day is to simply celebrate and share the skills you have learned to do well.


  1. Be proud of your work.
  2. Explain one or two things you have learned to do very well.
  3. Ignore any mistakes or incomplete work. (these are things you are still learning)
  4. Audience can give positive or encouraging comments only.

Many children dressed in costume to present their slides on ‘Life in the Olden Days’.

Here are some proud learners sharing their ideas! 

Tell us what you have been proud of learning.

What am I?

During ICT, our Foundation children have been learning to use Powerpoint as a presentation tool.

Here are some skills they have learned.
Creating new slides.
Selecting a design.
Adding text and changing the colour.
Using transitions.
Inserting clip art.

The children from each class have combined their own slides to make two class ‘What am I?’ presentations for you to view.

(Please note that Powerpoint cannot be displayed on blogs, so they have been converted to ‘Slideshare’.)

Can you guess the answers?

What am I? by FCC from St Roberts

 What am I? by FJP from St Roberts


You can also see these slideshows on their class pages

FCC        FJP