Think Outside the Box

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When the children walked into the ICT room this year, this is what they saw on the wall . . .

(‘Think Outside the Box’ is sometimes referred to as ‘Think Outside the Square’.)

A number of children asked what it meant, while others thought a little about it and offered their ideas to the class.

Here are some of the suggestions they gave.

Ollie (4MM) –  To look in lots of places for ideas.

Alex (4MA) –  I think it means to be creative and try all kinds of different ways and discover new things.

Indi (4MA)  –  To create an original design.

Meg (4MM)To use your imagination.

During ICT at St Roberts  students are encouraged to challenge themselves in their learning by looking further than just the obvious ways and to try thinking beyond them. This encourages the students to try new and creative ideas.
You might like to try the Nine Dot Puzzle below. Remember . . . you’ll need to think a little differently!

Click here for the answer

How did you go?

Do you know any other puzzles which make you think outside the box?