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Pause and Think Online

Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint by Common Sense Education from Common Sense Media on Vimeo.

The Adventures of Super Digital Citizen

Super Digital Citizen by Common Sense Education from Common Sense Media on Vimeo.

Power of Words by Common Sense Media



Noni the Pony

Snail and Turtle are Friends   (A Book Trailer)

‘An Open Letter to Mums from Kid President’

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These  two videos are for Grades 1 – 3


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These  three videos are for Grades 4 – 6


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How to Group Images and Shapes in Microsoft Word

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It’s been 12 months since Kid President (Soul Pancake) first created the video ‘A Pep Talk’ which inpired each of us to be ‘awesome’. Since then he has become quite a celebrity and has continued to inspire and help many people. What we didn’t know was that Kid President has had his own challenges to overcome. Watch the video to see him review the past 12 months in his own light hearted and slightly cheeky style.


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Using the INTERNET is fun and you can learn lots of things but . . . how safe is it?

We watched these videos from Planet Nutshell which showed us some rules for keeping safe while learning and having fun on the internet.

 We learned that there is some information we call Personal Information.  

Things like your surname, phone number, address and passwords or email addresses should never be shared on the internet. 

*Only use your email address with your parents’ or teacher’s permission if you intend to sign up to a game or website. 


NetSafe Episode 6: What is Personal Information? (Grades 4-6) from Planet Nutshell

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Due to popular request from the children, here is the video

‘A PEP TALK’ which we watched in ICT class early in the year.

The message is . . . .

We are all on the same team. We were made to be awesome. So get out there and create something to make the world awesome!

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ABC Behind the News ‘Beating Bullies

What could YOU do if you were a bystander and noticed someone being bullied?

What could YOU do if you received an unkind note or email from someone?

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